Prayer Update on Sis. Votaw

Appreciate everyone prayer for Sister Votaw. Here is an update on her medical condition:

“I survived the test today and the Dr. Said that I can be released tomorrow. It’s been 8 days in the hospital with a IV. I am hungry! One good thing is I am free to fly home to the USA for further treatment. When you cannot communicate with the people who are caring for you it is stressful…Can’t wait until I can step down on American soil…as bad as it might be folks, it’s all good to me! I feel like a wounded soldier returning home…continue to pray for us…we are in it but coming out of it!” ~Diana Votaw

Urgent Prayer Request

GICの姉妹が5/7に手術をし、 今現在まだICU(集中治療室)なので姉妹に癒しと回復があるようにお祈りください


GIC sister of the surgery to 5/7, Please pray so that there is a healing and recovery now in current still ICU (intensive care unit), so sisters

14日間の祈りと断食14 Days of Prayer and Fasting第13日Day 13:

第13日:  与える。働きのために私達の時間、賜物(タレント)、宝を与える事が出来るように神に助けてもらう。神は喜んで捧げる者を助けてくださる。

Day 13:  Giving.  That God would help us to give of ourselves into the work.  Our time, our talent, our treasures.  That He would help us with the cheerful giving of ourselves.


14日間の祈りと断食14 Days of Prayer and Fasting第11日Day 11:


Day 11:  A renewed burden for souls.  That God would once again baptized the JUPC with an overwhelming compassion for souls that compels us to move into action.