Miyako Island Evangelism

Please pray for a the team that is going to Miyako Island.  Bro. and Sis. Hosmer,  their daughter Christina and Aimer Stacie Panton are traveling to Miyako Island 28-30 Oct.  The purpose for this travel is to do some bible study with a contact we made on the last trip there.  Pray that we are able to effectively pray her through the Holy Ghost and baptize her in Jesus name.  Were also meeting up with a Baptist Pastor.  Likewise, we are believing the Lord will minister to him and his family.  Pray that we get the liberty to pray with this pastor and his wife.  Pray for the Holy Ghost to move.  We are believing that the Lord is sending us there in Jesus Name.

Evangelize Miyako Jima (Island) Outreach


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1 year ago we did our first recon trip into Miyako Island. We are going again next week Tuesday-Thursday. This is Obon season and I need your prayers. We are going this time for open doors. Find English students to build relationships with, and to share the gospel. Pray for the open doors. Pray for us to be led by the Spirit. Pray for us to find hungry souls. Individual >small group >preaching point > daughter church > repeat Lets do this!


Leaving today.  Pray that we will find many contacts.  Taking 300 business cards with us.

Urgent Prayer Request Sis. Okunushi

Bro. Lucas wrote…

I have a very urgent prayer request. Sis. Perlita Okunushi, wife of our leader in the work at Ibaraki, underwent surgery yesterday because of a large, quickly growing tumor. During surgery she had such a massive amount of loss of blood that she had to have a transfusion. The mass proved so large and so intertwined with various organs and blood vessels, and do to the massive loss of blood, they were only able to remove about half of the tumor. They plan to do another surgery sometime later. She was the first one saved in that area, and is largely responsible for that work being there. If possible, could you join with us in prayer for this need?

Please Pray for this Special Event

Global Impact Center (Naha) is hosting an Event starting this evening.  Rev. Goss is here preaching.  Please pray for the Lord to move with many hearings and miracles.  Pray for an outpouring of the Holy Ghost.  We are meeting Fri, Sat, and Sun evenings at 7:00 P.M.  Thank you for praying.



Mind of Christ キリストの思い

Pray for Unity in Japan.  We need to have unity with the Spirit of God.  With much leadership transitions taking place in Japan, we must pray for the mind of Christ.  Pray for our leaders.  Pray that they will be able to have the mind and will of Christ.